Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This summer has been so so so great! It's the first summer in a long time that I've felt guilt-free about playing as hard as I can. We all went to the Punch Bowls in Ojai, such a great reward after a 2 hour hike. Nights watching fireworks in Moorpark, and Friday afternoons getting buried in the sand. It's been a great reminder of how much I really do love California, although I do wish I could be in so many places at once.

The kids at the beach are some cool kids from the Thousand Oaks Stake- I first met them when they came to my office- I clean their teeth and stayed at their house for Youth Conf.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something To Live By

Sometimes I wonder why I never had the MOST wonderful experiences at EFY, Youth Conference, Girls Academy, or even Seminary. I mean, I sought out spiritual experiences and it's not like I had a horrible time at any of the above mentioned activities, but as I watched the girls and boys at the Thousand Oaks, CA Youth Conference I found myself almost jealous of their friendships with one another and their comraderie.
I was called one sunday evening by my Relief Society president, she asked if I'd be willing to be a chaperone to 5-6 girls at Youth Conference, I agreed. Little did I know that I would desire sleep like never before, and that I would be taught so much more than what I had prepared to teach them. (I am officially old)

Me, Sydney & Jamie
These girls met the Thursday evening of the weekend, they became quick besties.
This is the whole group. Our boys weren't female saavy to say the least. It's ok though, they were all 14-15 years old. BUT, it was awkward because 3 of my girls were 16-18, they were such good sports about it all though.

Alexa, Stephanie, Laura, Jamie, Sydney, & Monica

Our service project was Habitat For Humanity. It was so great to help. After working with these kids I believe that there are some in the world who don't know how to utilitize their bodies for work. (How's that for putting it nicely:)


After every organized activity that ended at 11pm there would be an after party til at least 1am. This is me snuggling up to my girls saying, "Have you talked to any cute boys tonight?...Oh, you haven't? Well, pick it up, Im ready for bed!"

I had 5 girls- one too many for my little Mazda. An amazing woman named Tahne Lutz traded cars with me for the weekend. She had my Mazda 6 while I romped around in her Diesel Expedition. Yes, please.

Sometimes I think how I wish had taken more risks. Like, go on a mission, or applied to be an EFY counselor, or even attempted to get good grades at a JC and transfer to BYU. I think the fear of rejection trumps all. But, I do know that I have experienced my life the way I've needed to so I could be prepared to be the best Youth Chaperone I know how for the girls in my group. I had a fantastic weekend, and learned so much about myself and that I (a 27 year old single woman) have more in common with these girls than not.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing to Gossip about, but it is Something...

Matt & Jules are close by, i LOVE being able to spend evenings with them!
Brittani, Chelsey & Laura we tagged along w/ Jonny to see a Dodger game for fleece blanket night.

FHE around here is a Clippers game :)

Friday night dance in Camarillo- SO fun!

We did the Miracle Miles For Kids run from Morro Rock-Cayucos pier

For work I got laser certified. It's all the rage to treat periodontal disease with lasers. I've come to find that it really is ligit, follow up appts are show significant signs of improvment!

I spent a weekend in SLC with the girls and Nikki's guy. SOOOOO fun!

Ut ohhh...a Cafe Rio in Manhattan Beach, CA? Yes, tis' the death of me

Annie came to town!! She travels with her husband Brady for his BYU soccer games! I love the familiar face!

My life during baseball season is this- Beau playing high school ball. He's lucky I love him, and I love watching baseball more and more.

Clarissa got a job with jetBlue, she flew into town for the day!! We played in Huntington Beach, just enough time for a sunburn to show off in UTAH!

After much encouragement via family & friends I thought I'd update el blogo. I could tell you every gory deet of my life, but really is that necessary? No. They also say a picture says a hundred (or is it a thousand) words.
Living here in Thousand Oaks/Oak Park has been all I had hoped for. I love living with Aunt Shelly & Uncle Paul; not to mention Beau and Jake who live here too. I tell everyone Shelly is the best roomie I've ever had. Not to mention Ma n' Pa are just up the freeway, its great to be able to head up to Visalia when I've got a free weekend. Even better when they have a free weekend I get visitors :) Love it.
Work is going splendidly (that almost looks like splendiddly). Dr Brown, the Dr I worked for many moons ago as an assistant has hired me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Its great to work for someone I trust. I'm also working in Ventura Mon/Wed, and hopefully taking on two fridays a month soon.
You know how it goes when you move somewhere new you feel like you have to go everywhere, see everyone, and be seen by everyone? Welp, thats what I did when I first got here, mission accomplished! Now, as far as going to everything and being seen by everyone? I'm a little burnt out and am layin' low in the sun, I mean I still go and play, but....ya know.
It wouldn't be a complete blogo if I blasted my dating life all over the internet. Not going to happen, because there is no such thing. I dated someone for like 2 seconds, when that pittered out in February I've been minglin'.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dr Chase

Also known as Jesse Spencer. Today I ran a 10k here in Agoura, CA; an event that is mega attended. So what are the chances that as we were standing, waiting for start, my friend whispers, "Oh my gosh, that's Chase from House." I non-chalantly turn to see his beautiful face, and hear his Aussie accent, he was standing there only 1 foot from us the whole time!!

I have a new crush.

Friday, February 26, 2010


If you know me as well as you think you do you'll know that I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! It's not like a, "Im in the country mood" b/c I am always in the mood for country. My parents have always laughed when they're in the car with me because every song has a memory, "Oh, this reminds me of my ex" "This reminds me of that one night" "The last time I heard this I was here".

Now that I live in the land of emo's my taste in music is unique. There are people here who enjoy country music, but I LOVE it. When I don't have cable TV the only thing I really miss is CMT & GAC (that and E!).
I've always loved my boys: Kenny, Brad, George and Alan; but the women aren't always consistant. Carrie is a sell-out, and Faith is over rated. Martina is bomb, and so is Sara. But consistantly, SUGARLAND has stolen my heart. Every CD, every word is amazing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Will April be Here?

(Loud Best Friends Forever)

APRIL 28, 2010
SISTER LATANYA comes home soon!!! Latanya has been on her mission in Colonia, YAP (who knows where that is, Guam-ish), she has been my most favorite pen-pal the whole time. The letters I write to her are 10 pages long and the ones I get back are even better and longer! We were roomies in SLC w/ her sister Mel, and friends Nikki, Joanna, & Jenilyn, w/ an occasional visit from Mar Mar and Tor Tor. I miss the days, and I miss Tans even more. I can't wait for APRIL!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

HOPE in 2010

I have a friend, her name is Maren, she is always using the word 'hope'. I have decided to apply it to my New Years Resolutions. The economy, the politicians and their messes, even professional athletes have let me down in 2009. So, in 2010 I am choosing to rise above, I have HOPE IN 2010.